Network Connection Devices

Powersafe Connection Devices

Phase 3’s Powersafe Network Connection Devices are the choice of electrical utility and temporary power companies across the globe. Our innovative range of cable clamps and power connectors are specifically designed to allow the connection of temporary mobile generators direct to various equipment within the electricity network.

The Powersafe Network Connection Device range has a number of insulated clamps and converters to pair with our Powersafe Connectors. You can customise your devices with our easy three step assembly, choosing between a choice of heads, arms and phases.
Network Connection DevicePhase 3 India's Accreditations
Compatible with Powersafe Connectors
Fully Customisable
A Range of Different Clamp Heads
Arm Length and Angle variations

Fully Customisable Network Devices

Creating the perfect Network Connection is as easy as 1,2,3!
Choose your Head

1. Choose your Head

Choose from a range of insulated
clamp heads.
Choose your Arm

2. Choose your Arm

Choose from a range of insulated arms. Short, long or right angle.
Choose your Line

3. Choose your Line

Choose from a range of Phase Adapters to screw into the arm.

Featured Network Connectors

  • Rotary Clamp

    Powersafe Insulated Rotary Clamp

    Powersafe Insulated Rotary ‘FRED’ Clamp allows power professionals to connect directly to a low voltage slotted type busbar. The fully insulated Rotary Clamp is tightened onto the busbar by means of the wheel using an insulated box spanner which meets the requirements of IEC 60900 (live working hand tools for use up to 1000Vac/ 1500Vdc).
  • Underground Connector

    Powersafe Underground Connector

    Powersafe Insulated Underground Connector is fitted with a Powersafe Source connector that allows the user to connect directly to a temporary mobile generator. The rear of the underground connector is designed to accept solid alloy cable cores. The cable is excavated, cut and the Underground Connector is tightened down onto the cable core by 2 hex screws using an insulated ratchet tool (10mm hex key).
  • Insulated T-Piece

    Powersafe Insulated T-Piece Connector

    Powersafe Insulated T-Piece connectors allow the option to split one phase into two or combine two phases into one, in a quick and safe manner. The connectors are colour coded and mechanically keyed to avoid connection errors.
Innovative Design
Our engineers designed a unique, durable and high performing contact band that makes Powersafe the industry’s elite single pole plug.

Phase 3’s contact band has 29 transfer bridges allowing for a higher 800A rating. The contact band has a one-piece, symmetrical design with offset fingers, meaning the band does not come out or overheat.
Exceptional Quality
Phase 3 use only the finest quality materials sourced from Europe or America. Powersafe is manufactured from 99.9% pure, highly conductive copper; no Tellurium is used meaning the metalwork is incredibly durable. Customers prefer our heavy-duty insulator as they are molded with flame retardant plastics (UL94); no fiberglass is used therefore the product does not crack easily when handling.
Manufacturing Excellence
All Powersafe products are manufactured and assembled in the UK by our team who have over 35 years' experience. We manufacture to ISO:9001:2015 Standard with UL Certified single pole connectors available. The 500A & 800A industrial plugs come with a hand grip as standard, but we go the extra mile and offer a molding customization option with your brand colors and logo on.
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Additional Powersafe Products

Additional product ranges, accessories and Network Devices
Powersafe Power Connectors

Powersafe Power Connectors

Phase 3’s Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated, safest and finest quality powerlock connectors as used by the power distribution, events, military and cable assembly industries worldwide. Powersafe connectors are available as inline plugs and panel mount sockets that easily terminate to low voltage copper power cables (i.e H07RN-F) using industry standard crimp tools or set-screw contacts.
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Powersafe Power Distribution Box

The Powersafe Sequential Mating box is a three phase power distribution box designed for use with temporary electrical installations that use single pole industrial plugs. On the mating box there are sockets for three phases plus Neutral and Earth. The generator connection point is compatible with other manufacturer’s powerlock connectors.
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Powersafe Distribution Box
Environmental Dust Caps

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps are heavy duty protective caps for high current power connectors. Powersafe caps are manufactured in high-impact thermoplastic and IP67 rated sealing, making them an incredibly durable product. The caps are designed with a colour coded mechanical locking system to prevent accidental disconnection. The protective covers are recommended for use with Powersafe Power Connectors.
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